Embrace Conflict, Are You Crazy?
Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 11:18AM
Essrea Cherin

Conflict is Bad

When hearing the word 'conflict' many people conger negative implications such as fighting, violence, and war.  Why on earth would anyone wish to embrace that?? 

Another Way

It is true that conflict CAN result in great harm, although it does not have to.  Well-managed conflict can lead to deepened connections and strengthened bonds.  When we recognize that conflict is a fact of life (even for a hermit!) we can begin to seek ways to work with it rather than attempting to avoid it.  Indeed, avoiding conflict not only will not lead to resolution, but it does not make conflict go away either.  It is like sweeping dust under the carpet -- you can do it and the dust will be out of sight, however, eventually the bulge under the carpet will grow to the point where you can no longer ignore it (and generally leads to an ugly, unwieldy blow up).  When the 'bulge' is big, of course it is challenging and can be hurtful, when handled right away, it is manageable and not overwhelming. 

Conflict Benefits?

Learning constructive conflict techniques can benefit us in many areas of our life:

I encourage you to re-examine your beliefs about conflict and come to see it, as I do, as a powerful life force that is here to help!

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