Unresolved Conflict Can Kill
Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 1:58PM
Essrea Cherin

How does unresolved conflict show up in one's life?

It is amazing how many ways unresolved conflict can show up in our lives.  Obvious are physical ailments.  Why is this?  Because we are actually holding our feelings in different parts of our bodies.  When we don't work through our feelings, we hold them in our stomachs, our shoulders & neck, our knees...you name it, once you start paying attention, you will begin to notice the tightness in different parts of your body.  Hold onto this long enough and you bet it will start to manifest as an ailment.  Expressing our truths & feelings maturely gives us the opportunity to relax, finally, and our body notices!  

Also you will notice that different parts of your life may feel 'stuck' or unproductive.  This, too, can be caused by internal conflicts we are experiencing that block us from achieving our highest goals.


Article originally appeared on Conflict Resolution and Management: Coaching Clients to Harmonious Results (http://www.embracingconflict.com/).
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